maos chittim pesach 2024
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    Pesach Chai Sponsor

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    Sponsor a Yom Tov Meal

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    Sponsor a Yom Tov Seder

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    Sponsor a family for the first days of Yom Tov

  • $1800

    Sponsor a family this Pesach

  • $3600

    Sponsor 2 families this Pesach

  • $18,000

    Sponsor 10 families this Pesach

  • $32,400

    Sponsor 18 families this Pesach

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    A gift of any size will help bring Simchas Shabbos V'Yom

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Maos Chittim Pesach 2024


My Dear Friends,


Crown Heights families are worried. Very worried. They aren’t making a shopping list for Pesach because they can’t afford the basics: matzoh, grape juice, chicken, and other Yom Tov food. Little Mendel’s pants are too short, and Rochel’s shoes are too tight but their parents have no money for new clothing. Widows and orphans, struggling single mothers, and people fighting life-threatening illnesses are all in trouble.

This year CSSY has been approached with more requests than ever before in our history. Our budget is much greater than what it was in the recent past.

It is incumbent on each of us to open our hearts and generously increase our annual maos chitim contributions for this year.


Can you help sponsor a Yom Tov meal at $360 or a Seder for $770? Whatever your ability is your donation of any amount will go a long way.

We must raise $600,000 (see budget below) to make sure every Crown Heights family in need of financial assistance can be taken care of.

In the merit of your kindness today may G-d Almighty shower you with kindness, granting you and your loved ones blessing of health, happiness, and a Kosher un Freilichin Pesach. Email office@cssy.org with the name/s and address/es of the recipients

Benzion Stock

Pesach Budget 5783-2023

450 – Crown Heights families

Shmurah Matzah $45,000

Food Vouchers $275,000

Cash Grants $200,000

Misc. $80,000

Grand total of contributions needed: $600,000